Warmachine and Hordes is produced by Privateer Press, it is a table top strategy game, that involves miniatures. The game is played using a battle group (battle groups are a group of models attached to a Warcaster or Warlock). Every game has a point cost that each player has to build their army towards, you can not exceed.  Warmachine uses warcasters where Hordes uses a warlock. Each has a particular type of model they control, in warmachine a warcaster will control giant steam-powered warjack, while warlocks control massive beasts.

The game is placed on a 4×4 board with terrain pieces placed amoung it, each player will set up based on the scenario that can be chosen by the player or rolled for. The major requirements to play are models, about 4-6 six-sided dice, a tape measure and templates. It would help to have a rule book as well.

You can get more information from the Privateer Press web site. I have placed a link to their site on the right side of the page under stores.


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